The devastating size of human suffering, caused by what is happening in Ukraine right now, doesn’t need to be explained. Hundreds of thousands of people are on the run, millions of others are seeking shelter in basements, parkings and other make-shift bomb shelters.

Many of our friends and relatives are doctors, field medics and in hospital-management in the Ukraine. They – and many of their colleagues – are urgently seeking for medicals materials and medications. Field-medics are stopped by the aggressor and ambulances are being destroyed while they take care of their patients. Without the right supplies soon they won’t be able to provide the needed care for their patients.

Why do we help the Doctors and Field-Medics of Ukraine

Many charitable organisations focus their activities on different humanitarian aspects. We agreed that help for civilians, refugees, and war victims is critical. This is why we focus on delivering medical aid and supplies directly to those who are providing the care and saving lives.

With our own distribution network from multiple entry points on the Polish-Ukrainian border, we’re able to deliver directly where it is needed. If it are tourniquets, bandages, splints, x-ray tubes, ambulances, pain medication, EADs, water filtration kits or even energy bars – our sponsors and donors are helping Ukraine directly.

Yuliia Wiersma, president of the “Association for help of Ukrainian Doctors” (UKRMEDS) says: “We are trying to transform the donations as effectively as possible in saving the lives of both the Ukrainian civilians and military by providing our contacts with increased medical supplies and capabilities. All overhead costs are covered by our volunteers and members. Like this we bring the most value to the doctors in the Ukraine.”

You can help us to make Ukrainian Doctors and Field-Medics more effective.
Donate to UKRMEDS with any suitable method for you

Some examples of the hospitals we are working together with:

For this reason we have founded the “Association for Support of Ukrainian Doctors”.